100 Mile Time Trials

Single Bicycle - Men

  • ??th 1911 Edward Wilkinson. 6h. 21m. 10s
  • 22nd June 1911. Frederick A. Beardsmore. 6h. 4m. 16s
  • ??th September 1912. Thomas P. Beeston. 5h. 59m. 40s
  • 27th September 1913. Eli L. Eastaff. 5h. 43m. 5s
  • ??th May 1914. Thomas P. Beeston. 5h. 27m. 14s
  • 3rd August 1914. Eli L. Eastaff. 5h. 8m. 16s
  • ??th August 1927. Richard Barnes. 5h. 7m. 44s
  • 6th August 1928. Richard Barnes. 5h. 3m. 38s
  • 6th August 1928. C. Walter Pepper. 4h. 58m. 56s
  • 14th July 1929. C. Walter Pepper. 4h. 57m. 43s
  • 5th August 1935. Albert W. Preston. 4h. 54m. 48s
  • 28th June 1936. Albert W. Preston. 4h. 47m. 3s
  • 24th May 1953. Derek E. Lewin. 4h. 35m. 11s
  • 14th June 1953. Derek E. Lewin. 4h. 29m. 42s
  • 19th June 1955. David L. Bowman. 4h. 26m. 2s
  • 17th July 1955. Terence H. Jobson. 4h. 20m. 42s
  • 22nd July 1956. Terence H. Jobson. 4h. 19m. 22s
  • 6th August 1956. Owen G. Blower. 4h. 18m. 21s
  • 16th June 1957. Terence H. Jobson. 4h. 16m. 12s
  • 4th August 1958. Owen G. Blower. 4h. 2m. 30s
  • 11th August 1985. Patrick Beilby. 4h. 1m. 52s
  • 15th July 1990. Graham Frith. 3h. 58m. 45s
  • 29th June 1997. David Walker. 3h. 51m. 59s

  • Single Bicycle - Men, Team

    4th August 1958. 12h. 56m. 28s

  • O. G. Blower
  • D. L. Bowman
  • T. H. Jobson

  • 21st July 1968. 12h. 38m. 4s
  • M.Ward
  • P. W. Bowler
  • M. E. Cotterill

  • Single Bicycle - Women

  • 18th August 1957. R. Clarke. 4h. 35m. 52s
  • 6th August 2000. T. Coltman. 4h. 19m. 20s

  • Single Bicycle - Women, Team

    2nd September 1956. 7h. 33m. 15s

  • R. Clarke
  • V. M. Upton
  • B. McDonald

  • Tandem Bicycle

  • ??th 1911. J. Lakin & E. Wilkinson. 5h. 59m. 15s
  • ??th October 1911. T. P. Beeston & F. A. Beardsmore. 5h. 46m. 5s
  • ??th 1912. J. T. Allen. & E. Shrive. 5h. 36m. 41s
  • ??th 1914. E. Shrive & C. Hawley. 5h. 16m. 22s
  • 23rd July 1922. F. Bott & R. E. Hobbs. 4h. 55m. 29s
  • 18th July 1926. R. Greengrass & F. W. Greengrass. 4h. 44m. 53s
  • 18th July 1926. W. Gray & H. Fowler. 4h. 44m. 31s
  • 17th July 1927. C. W. Pepper & F. Bott. 4h. 42m. 20s
  • 22nd July1928. R. Barnes & E. Chandler 4h. 30m. 37s
  • 16th July 1933. E. A. Tipping & J. Hoult. 4h. 29m. 56s
  • 15th July 1935. A. B. Marsh & J. H. Hales. 4h. 21m. 33s
  • 14th July1935. A. Shuttlewood & A. W. Preston 4h. 6m. 24s
  • 7th August 1966. D. L. Bowman & G. W. Hancock. 3h. 58m. 12s

  • Tricycle

  • ??th 1935. Alfred B. Marsh. 5h. 36m. 30s
  • 10th June 1956. J. P. Goodacre. 5h. 9m. 6s
  • 22nd July 1956. J. P. Goodacre. 5h. 2m. 38s
  • 2nd June 1968. Eric Tremaine 4h. 38m. 19s
  • 28th July 1968. Eric Tremaine 4h. 34m. 25s
  • 22nd September 1968. Eric Tremaine 4h. 33m. 8s
  • 10th August 1969. Eric Tremaine 4h. 31m. 20s
  • 11th July 1971. Eric Tremaine 4h. 30m. 48s
  • 2nd July 1972. Eric Tremaine 4h. 27m. 51s

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