10 Mile Time Trials

Single Bicycle - Men

  • 31st July 1951. Owen G. Blower. 23m 41s
  • 16th June 1953. Owen G. Blower. 23m 28s
  • 12th July 1955. Terence H. Jobson. 23m 14s
  • 29th May 1956. David H Coldicott. 23m 6s
  • 29th June 1958. Stephen W. Bailey. 22m 48s
  • 2nd June 1959. Brian W. Austin. 22m. 11s
  • 30th July 1975. Christopher J. Moon. 21m 37s
  • 22nd August 1981. Steven Pike. 21m 15s
  • 6th July 1991. Melvyn Hurst. 20m 53s
  • 21st August 1991. Melvyn Hurst. 20m 50s
  • 28th August 1991. Simon Price. 20m 44s
  • 30th May 1992. Andrew Critchlow. 20m 26s
  • 8th July 1992. Melvyn Hurst. 20m 18s
  • 12th July 1996. Paul Hart. 20m 2s
  • 20th May 2008. Matt Sinclair. 19m 21s (V718)

  • Single Bicycle - Men, Team

    24th July 1982. 1h 4m 29s

  • S. James
  • A. Wynne
  • S. Longman

  • 16th Sept 2006. 1h 4m 25s. (O10/16)
  • M Sinclair (20m 35s)
  • I Wroblewski (21m 35s)
  • M Shannon (22m 15s)

  • 28th July 2007 1h 03m 34s (V718)
  • M Sinclair (20m 16s)
  • I Wroblewski (21m 09s)
  • G Green (22m 09s)

  • 13th Sept 2008 1h 03m 25s (A10/14A)
  • M Sinclair (20m 10s)
  • I Penrose (21m 34s)
  • C Hubbard (21m 41s)

  • 16th July 2009 1h 01m 51s (A10/14A)
  • M Sinclair (19m 37s)
  • T Bertenshaw (20m 54s)
  • C Hubbard (21m 20s)

  • Tricycle - Men

  • 21st August 1962. Eric A. Wardle. 27m. 54s
  • 19th May 1970. Eric Tremaine. 25m. 35s
  • 21st August 1974. Eric Tremaine. 24m. 27s

  • Single Bicycle – Women

  • 10th May 1953. Marjorie Long. 28m 5s
  • 16th August 1955. Roma Clarke 26m. 8s
  • 30th July 1957. Roma Clarke 26m. 1s
  • 11th August 1976. Barbara Binks. 25m 39s
  • 1977. Joy Whitworth. 25m 31s
  • 2nd July 1988. Ghislaine Evans. 25m 23s
  • 22nd April 1989. Sally Dawes. 25m 13s
  • 6th May 1995. Ruth Ellway. 24m 8s
  • 7th June 1995. Ruth Ellway. 23m 28s
  • 14th September 1996. Ruth Ellway. 23m 20s
  • 7th August 1999. Theresa Coltman. 23m. 16s
  • 9th September 2000. Theresa Coltman. 22m. 54s

  • Single Bicycle – Women, Team

    15th April 1954. 1h. 26m. 22s

  • R. Clarke
  • V. M. Upton
  • B. McDonald

  • 8th August 1998. 1h. 13m. 40s
  • T. Coltman
  • G. Vaughan
  • C. Healey

  • Tandem Bicycle Mixed Crew

  • 27th August 1977. D. Binks & B. Binks. 21m. 27s
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