25 Mile Time Trials

Single Bicycle - Men

  • September 1913. Eli. L. Eastaff 1h. 51m. 55s
  • April 1920. Eli. L. Eastaff. 1h. 11m. 44s. 21.91 mph
  • 1st September 1920. Eli. L. Eastaff. 1h. 9m. 48s
  • 27th October 1923. Reginald E. Hobbs. 1h. 9m. 22s
  • 29th July 1925. Harold Fowler. 1h. 7m. 41s
  • 8th May 1927. C. Walter Pepper. 1h. 5m. 45s
  • 12th May 1929. F. A. Smith. 1h. 5m. 35s
  • 26th May 1929. F. A. Smith. 1h. 5m. 3s
  • 22nd September 1929. F. A. Smith. 1h. 4m. 52s
  • 29th September 1929 F. A. Smith 1h. 4m. 24s
  • 30th August1936. Ernest H. Smith. 1h. 4m. 21s
  • 27th June 1937. S. Eric Riddington. 1h. 4m. 1s
  • 18th Juy 1937. S. Eric Riddington. 1h. 3m. 16s
  • 16th July 1939. S. Eric Riddington. 1h. 2m. 51s
  • 12th June 1949. Derek E. Lewin. 1h. 2m. 18s
  • 11th June 1950. Derek E. Lewin. 1h. 0m. 1s
  • 5th August 1951 Derek E. Lewin. 59m. 57s
  • 9th September 1951. Derek E. Lewin. 59m. 43s
  • 5th July 1953. Derek E. Lewin. 59m. 39s
  • 29th May 1955. Brian G. Wilby. 59m. 30s
  • 5th July 1955. Terence H. Jobson. 58m. 36s
  • 5th July 1955. Brian G. Wilby. 58m. 21s
  • 22nd July 1958. Owen G. Blower. 58m. 1s
  • 30th August 1964. J. Rodney Smith. 57m. 50s
  • 31st July 1966. Chris J. Moon. 55m 20s
  • 6th August 1975. Chris J. Moon. 53m. 59s
  • 11th June 1992. Ian Wroblewski. 53m. 35s
  • 13th August 1994. Phillip Raynor. 53m. 8s
  • 22nd July 1995. P. Hart. 52m 53s. 28.36 mph
  • 25nd May 2008. M. Sinclair. 52m 12s. 28.74 mph (R25/3h)
  • 4th July 2009. M. Sinclair. 51m 38s. (A25/11)
  • 21st September 2009. M. Sinclair. 50m 35s. (R25/3r)

  • Single Bicycle - Men, Team

    31st July 1966. 2h. 51m. 35s

  • C. J. Moon
  • J. Furniss
  • J. G. Green

  • 31st July 1983. 2h. 51m. 22s
  • A.Wrotnicki
  • P. Beilby
  • G. Green

  • 22nd July 1995. 2h. 46m 20s
  • P. Hart
  • I. Wroblewski
  • J. G. Green

  • 07th Sept 2008. 2h. 46m 02s. (R25/3L)
  • Matt Sinclair (53m48s)
  • Ian Wroblewski (56m02s)
  • Chris Hubbard (56m12)

  • 04th July 2009. 2h. 45m 20s. (A25/11)
  • Matt Sinclair (51m38s)
  • Chris Hubbard (55m29)
  • Dean Tacey (58m13s)

  • Tandem - Men

  • 13th May 1978. D. Binks & P. Shaw. 53m. 53s

  • Tandem - Men, Team

    17th April 1977. 1h. 53m. 40s

  • B. Binks & M. Ward
  • M. Ffitch & P. Brittain

  • Tandem – Mixed Crew

  • 16th July 1977. D. Binks & B. Binks. 56m. 38s
  • 6th June 1979. D. Binks & B. Binks. 52m. 16s

  • Tricycle

  • 18th December 1955. John P. Goodacre. 1h. 16m. 21s
  • 1st April 1956. John P. Goodacre. 1h. 12m. 9s
  • 15th July 1956. John P. Goodacre. 1h. 7m. 48s
  • 27th June 1967. Eric Tremaine. 1h. 6m. 7s
  • 30th June 1968. Eric Tremaine. 1h. 5m. 15s
  • 20th September 1969. Eric Tremaine. 1h. 3m. 59s
  • 23rd May 1971. Eric Tremaine. 1h. 1m. 40s
  • 21st August 1974. Eric Tremaine. 1h. 0m. 43s

  • Single Bicycle - Women

  • 24th May 1953. Marjorie Long. 1h. 13m. 36s
  • 19th June 1955. Roma Clarke. 1h. 7m. 38s
  • 5th July 1955. Roma Clarke. 1h. 6m. 25s
  • 24th July 1955. Roma Clarke. 1h. 4m. 36s
  • 13th May 1988. Julie Richardson. 1h. 4m. 22s
  • Date Unknown. Sally Dawes. 1h. 2m. 38s
  • This time won the National Junior 25 mile T.T. Championship for Sally Dawes.
  • 5th June 1993. Sally Timmis (nee Dawes). 59m. 28s
  • 17th September 1995. Ruth Ellway. 58m. 25s
  • 21st July 1997. Ruth Ellway. 57m. 9s

  • Single Bicycle – Women, Team

    30th June 1957. 3h. 25m. 14s

  • Roma Clarke
  • P. A. Blower
  • J. M. Fetch

  • 14th June 1997. 3h. 20m. 4s
  • Sue Twelves
  • G. Vaughan
  • N. Skegg

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