Club Runs

At "LRC", we try offer a large range of club runs that are suited to the riding speed/ability of all club riders.
Rides that currently take place:

Sunday Outdoor Pursuits Centre at 09.15 for a 09.20 start, but only up to and including Sunday 27th November. From and including Sunday 4th December, we will meet at Rothley Co-op (opp what used to be the red Lion PH), at 09.15 for a 09.20 start. 50-70 miles at around 16mph average including cafe stop

It's great that you have been inspired to take your cycling further and considered going on one of our social club runs, however to ensure that you enjoy the ride and receive the best possible experience, we strongly suggest that you should take into consideration the following points before hand...


Dress appropriately for the season. Try to bring a rolled up waterproof, and get 'overshoes', head gear and good gloves for winter riding.


Replace your tyres regularly, and try to bring a full repair kit (spare tubes, allen keys, tyre levers, a pump and a muti-tool. Mudguards are not compulsory but are recommended for group riding, especially during the Winter months. They keep you, and the riders around you, drier and therefore warmer. Racing bikes without mudguard clearance can be fitted with 'clip-on' mudguards like 'Race Blades' and 'Crud Road Racer Mudguards'.'


Try to have a decent breakfast. For long rides, or rides longer than you are regularly used to, consider a sports supplement drink in your water bottle and carrying a banana, energy or chocolate bar. Drink plenty throughout the ride, even in winter, to avoid dehydration.


Our Club Run are included free with the annual membership. However for longer Runs it is advised to bring Cash for Café stops or Potential Emergencies. A Mobile phone is always recommended to be carried when coming on a Club Run just in case of Emergencies.


'Bonking' or Hitting-The-Wall, is running low on sugar: sweating, trembling, feel sick or light headed. A banana or energy bar should bring you around. Always tell other riders if you are suffering, so that we can slow down for you.

Interested in joining us?

If you are intending to join us, let us know in advance so that we can keep an eye out for you. Keep an eye out for others and share riding at the front. There is etiquette to riding in a group - ask the riders around you to explain what the hand signals to each other mean.

Main Membership Types

U18's Membership

Priced at Just £10/year for the Under 18's. Take advantage of this great membership offer. You will be entitled to take part in a range of events held by the club. You are required to be of an age under 18 on 1st of January to qualify for this membership.

Full Adult Membership

The Full Adult Membership is priced at £15/year. With this membership you will be entitled to take part in all of the events and activities that are being held by the club. You must be over the age of 18 by the 1st of January to take advantage of this membership.

Family Membership

The Family Membership is available to people of all ages. It allows you and your family to participate in social rides and events held by the club including: Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday Club Runs. Just £35/year.